Thursday, May 28, 2015

How To Build an MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Arduino

How To Build an MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Arduino

Julian Ilett has a series of 20 YouTube videos that show you how he built an MPPT solar charge controller with Arduino. Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is electronic tracking that enables the charge controller to compare the output of the panels to the battery voltage. It then figures out what is the best power that the panel can put out to charge the battery.

What that usually means that it tries to increase the charge on cloudy days (or in the mornings if your panel is not pointed to the sun) so that you can get the most from your panels.


Arduino MPPT Solar Charge Controller by Julian Ilett

 What is nice about this one is that he walks you through "How To" build the graphic display.

MPPT Solar Charger Graphic Display by Julian Ilett

There are 20 videos in Julian's video series, and they start here:


MPPT Solar Charge Controller #1 - Introduction and Voltage Measurement

At video #14, he changes the name of the series:

Arduino MPPT Solar Charge Controller #14 - Stable Current Measurements

 And, if you would like to see where he ended with the videos on this topic, here is #20:

Arduino MPPT Solar Charge Controller #20 - Inductor Discontinuous Mode


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  3. Your project is amazing, i really feel good when i see stuff related to renewable energy. I have Designed my own Mppt by using Arduino nano with given Electrical specifications:

    1.Rated Voltage= 12V

    2.Maximum input current = 5A

    3.Load current support up to =10A

    4. Input Voltage = Solar panel 12 to 24V

    5.power of Solar panel = 50 Watts